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Plastic Bottle Cap has been a principal manufacturer of various kinds of plastic products for sealing the tops of substances like plastic bottles, jars, cosmetic container, spice and salt container, etc. The Plastic bottle caps, inner plugs, container, lotion pump, spray pump, and so on are prepared from high grade plastic which is highly stable and strong giving long term performance. The greatest quality of our every product is a result of the high-tech departments equipped with machines embedded with latest technological features. The wide assortment of plastic bottle cap is used in number of industries like food, beverage, consumer goods, pharmaceutical, FMCG, chemical, paint, etc.


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Why Plastic Bottle Caps?

Plastic Bottle Caps are highly preferred in the industries that prepare substances from plastic material. One of the main reasons why people prefer plastic bottle cap for their products is its strength and the beautiful colours which make them attractive. Another thing is the weight, as they are light it does not increase the weight of the final end product. In addition to this, they do not corrode and can mainly withstand temperature and pressure. The durability makes them preferable in all the industries and household applications. It is also possible to print the logo of company or any other details on the cap. This printing also does not cost much and also plastic is not costly, so this reduces the manufacturing cost of plastic bottle caps. Some companies even choose plastic cap for the purpose of promotion by printing any message, interesting facts, riddle or even games on the inner side of the caps.
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Polyethylene Terephthalate: PTE is a light weight material having great strength. It is an excellent water and moisture resisting capacity. It reduces the oxygen permeability hence it is preferred as a bottle cap for beverages like soft drinks and alcohols. The plastic bottle cap prepared from PTE is very light in weight, strong and impact resistant.

Materials used in bottle caps

The manufacturing process of plastic bottle caps depends on the material from which it is fabricated. The material determines the property of the cap like its strength, flexibility, durability, resistance to moisture, etc. The most common materials that used in making plastic bottle cap are Polyethylene Terephthalate, polypropylene, low density polyethylene, high density polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, polystyrene and polycarbonate.

Low density polypropylene: The LDPE is prepared from monomer ethylene. It is non reactive at normal room temperature and high resilience property. It has excellent resistance property for acids, ketones, vegetable and mineral oils. The flexibility and corrosion resistance property makes it a great material for plastic bottle cap.
High Density polypropylene: HDPE is a material having both biological and synthetic property. The main reason it is preferred in making plastic bottle cap is its durability, flexibility, resistance to moisture and corrosion. It has great strength to density ratio making it a strong choice of industries making plastic products. They are commonly used in beverage bottles like coke, etc.
Polyvinyl Chloride: It is a polymer of vinyl chloride, having great property to resist oils. It has extremely good resistance to chemicals and moisture. It is the third most widely used polymer to prepare plastic materials like bottle cap, container, etc. for its excellent properties. It is completely insoluble in alcohol and other liquors and is a non conductive material.
Polystyrene: It is a synthetic aromatic polymer that is hard and clear. It is an inexpensive material and high tensile strength and least water absorption capacity. They are used for its great properties in the making of plastic bottle cap.
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Manufacturing Process of Plastic Bottle Cap

The process of manufacturing takes place in specially controlled atmospheric conditions. The material is kept in the preheated mould in which it is pressed. The combined effect of heat and pressure makes the cross linking of all the molecules properly. This determines the property of the material and hardens it. At the final stage the mold is cooled and the cap is removed from it.

These are the following steps that take place to manufacture plastic bottle caps:
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Are plastic bottle caps recyclable?

The plastic bottle caps that were used earlier were non recyclable but now-a-days there are recyclable caps. The caps which are recyclable have a symbol of triangle on it. The plastic bottle caps are prepared from different materials that melt at different temperatures. These caps are put together into a vessels heated to melt them and after melting they can again be converted into the desired plastic substance. This reduces the problem of waste plastic disposal and make them environment friendly. The caps are melted and formed into pellets that are then transported to the manufacturer that makes new caps or plastic substance.


Plastic Bottle Cap is the most renowned company in the field of manufacturing of plastic bottle cap, lotion pump, spray pump, container, etc. Each product is prepared from the best grade of plastic material used in a number of industries. The plastic bottle cap we provide is prepared in the machines embedded with latest technological features. We have an excellent team of professionals that design and handle each process of manufacturing the caps. They are checked under a number of criteria to ensure their quality and efficiency.

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