In terms of manufacturing plastic products, Plastic Bottle Cap is the most trusted company delivering high quality plastic bottle caps, liquid dispenser, containers and buckets. We utilize the superlative quality of plastic material like LDPE, HDPE, PVC, etc. Each variety of plastics is bought from the most reliable retailers having years of experience in the market. Every product is made as per the specifications proposed by the industries. There are various kinds of models in each product so that the client can get a wide variety of choice to select the most suitable product according to their needs. These products are having great properties which make them the first choice of the customers. The plastic products are utilized in many industries for their durability and light weight.

Plastic Closures for Beverage Industry in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Beverage Industry

The consumption of beverages is increasing day-by-day. Some of the most common beverages are water, tea, coffee, milk and other soft drinks. The beverage contains both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages made with less than 5% of alcohol in them. All the beverages need to be packed in proper bottles and cans that are leak proof. As they are in liquid state the beverages have to be handled with great care. This gives rise to the need of caps to close the bottles and containers. We are the leading name for manufacturing plastic closures for beverage industry making it easy to open and close providing an air tight lock to increase their life span. These plastic caps that we provide are highly demanded in the industry dealing with water, soft drinks and alcoholic drink for their quality and durability.

Plastic for Chemical Industry Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Chemical Industry

We are the leading industry in providing an excellent range of plastic products for the chemical industry. The variety of products manufactured in Plastic Bottle Cap consists of caps, lotion pump, spray pump, paint bucket, cream containers and butterfly plastic handle. We have achieved a great name for presenting a great assortment of plastic products that are highly durable and strong. The plastic caps, pump, etc. that we present is made in accordance to the chemical industry norms. They are prepared with great quality of material to make them compatible with the chemicals that it has to deal with. We provide a complete range of plastic bottle cap, pump, bucket, etc. that are used in the laboratories, chemical processing departments present in the chemical industry. These products are highly popular in the market for their great properties like high durability, strength, light weight, resistance to chemical reactions and accurate dimensions. The client can avail the most suitable product from us in the best price range and specifications.

Food Processing Company in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Food Industry

For more than 3 decades of experience in the market as manufacturer, Plastic Bottle Cap has gained a complete understanding of the scenario of the utilization of the plastic products. We manufacture an extensive array of plastic product including caps, buckets, containers and pumps. We have specially designed plastic cap for food industry that are safe for use and does not cause any kind of effect on the product. The caps are extensively demanded in the market for their accurate dimensions and strong body. Some common areas where our plastic products are used consist of containers of honey, sauce, spreads, food colours, powders, etc. This wide range of products can be availed from us in a number of specifications and plastic material that suits the type of product that is to be stored or packed in it.

Plastic Caps for FMCG Industry in Ahmedabad

FMCG Industry

The FMCG (Fast moving consumer goods) are the products consumed and sold at a low cost. This is the most fasted growing industry in today’s world. The common type of such good comprises of beverages, OTC drugs, packaged foods, etc. To make them durable it is necessary that they are packed in proper container and packets. We make plastic bottle caps, containers, etc. from high quality of plastic material acquired from the best retailers in market. The plastic products we provide are safe for use and are even useful in keeping the products safe and out of reach of children. There are a variety of products presented to the customer so that they can select the most suitable product as per their needs. They can avail the desired plastic cap from us in the industry leading price and specifications.

Plastic Caps for Healthcare Industry in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry provides goods useful for treatment of patients. It is the world’s largest growing industry and with this increase the demand of storing the medicines both liquid and soil state in proper containers. To meet this requirement, we have increased the number of plastic caps and containers. These products are made from the best grade of raw materials and in accordance to the industry defined norms. The plastic caps we provide are used in various departments of the healthcare industry like pharmaceutical and laboratory. Each of the manufactured products is made with safe plastic materials which do not cause any negative effect on the product. We check the offered product under number of quality check parameters to make them completely harmless. These products can be purchased from us at the most suitable price range and specifications that meets the need of the healthcare industry.

Plastic Caps for Lubricant Industry in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Lubricant Industry

There are various kinds of lubricants available in the market used to reduce the friction between two surfaces and make the working of machines smooth. There are various kinds of lubricant like mineral oil, synthetic industry, solid and aqueous lubricants manufactured in the industry. We are the leading manufacturer of various kinds of plastic products like cap, bottle, container, bottle handles, etc. demanded in a number of lubricant industries. We have emerged as the most reliable provider of the plastic cap, container, etc. for storing the lubricant. These products are made in a number of specifications and plastic material in accurate dimensions. The clients having lubricant industry mostly prefers our plastic caps for their excellent quality of strength and dimensional accuracy. We present our products in the most economical price range to the customers and give on time delivery.

Pharmaceutical Industry in Gujarat, India

Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical industry requires a large number of packing substances for accurately packing the medicines. To pack the tablets and liquids properly the medicines have to be packed in airtight bottle to make them durable without affecting its property. We are the largest manufacturer of a wide variety of pharmaceutical caps for industry. These caps are made from the best material and in accurate dimensions to make them perfectly fit on the bottle head. In addition to this, we even provide them, emboss on the top lids to display the name or product details on it. The various options in pharmaceutical caps we provide consist of a screw, disc and pump sprayer. We present them in various specifications and materials as per the need of the industry. The customer can avail them in the most reasonable price range and dimensions.

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