Spray pumps are used in a number of application areas. The spray bottles are designed to pull the liquid from the container and dispense it through the nozzle. The working is handled by the pump which is powered by the trigger forces the liquids to come out through the nozzle. The intensity of flow is adjusted using the nozzle. The main part in this is the pump which actually makes it possible to pull out the liquid from the bottle. The trigger spray pump consists of a piston, cylinder, pump and a trigger. As the user presses the trigger, the piston moves back and pulls the liquid which is then dispensed through the nozzle. The working mainly depends on the pump of the trigger spray. If there is any kind of leakage in the nozzle then it will directly affect the rate at which the liquid is dispensed.

We are the highest ranked trigger spray pump manufacturer renowned in the market for their accurate design and performance. They are prepared in a number of sizes, shape and colour as well as the intensity at which it sprays the liquid.

Trigger Spray Pump Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

These spray pumps are used in cleaning products, household products, cosmetic and various industries like pharmaceutical, chemical, salons, etc. The products we make are completely eco-friendly prepared from the top grade of plastic materials procured from top retailers in the market. The trigger spray pump we present fits accurately into the bottle, does not leak and gives precise dispense of the liquid of various viscosities. We provide these trigger pumps in the widest range of specifications that can accurately suit the area of application. We offer them in standard and customized design and present them in a very suitable price range to the customer.


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